Welcome to Ratna Ling Work-Study!

Ratna Ling, a non-profit intentional community in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, is dedicated to serving the welfare of others and cultivating work as a means to self-knowledge through a wide variety of projects both local and global. Our faculty and staff consists entirely of full-time resident volunteers who work for one of three organizations on site, Ratna Ling Retreat Center, Dharma Publishing and Yeshe De Text Preservation project. We live and work in the redwood coastal hills of Sonoma County, CA. This year-round residential work-study opportunity combines meaningful work with opportunities for self-growth. No religious affiliation is required to volunteer although we are seeking those with a sincere interest in Buddhism and a strong work ethic. The initial commitment for this program is 6 months to 1 year with a 4-week trial period. For those who find our community and lifestyle a good fit longer term commitments are possible.

What our volunteers are saying…

“Ratna Ling is not an escape from the real world, but very much grounded in everyday experience. The work-study program provides access to a body of knowledge that is relevant, practical, and effective in everyday life, in an environment that is supportive of spiritual practice.  When I apply what I learn in class and through my practice, I find everyday challenges can be phenomenal opportunities for growth and learning.”

Matthew B., Brooklyn, New York

What our volunteers are saying…

“When you live here, you work for more than just a paycheck. People can come here stressed and upset and leave feeling so much better, and it feels good to know you are a part of that. Also, we live in a community so you are accountable to each other as well as yourself. You can see the effect of your actions and attitude in every aspect of what we do.”

Tabitha G., Grand Rapids, Michigain

What our volunteers are saying…

“Ratna Ling was nothing like I had expected in a very positive way. This is not a retreat from the world, but a microcosm of it. The days are long and the work is hard but every moment, be it at work, in class or during practice, is an opportunity to address the mental habits we build up over time and clear them away. If you let it, a year in this place can change the way you interact with your whole life.”

Meghan F. Boston, Massachussetts
Phone: 510 809 4995
Email: volunteer@ratnaling.org
35755 Hauser Bridge Rd
Cazadero, CA 95421